Protecting Our Environment & Our Future

Sanoma has made an enduring commitment to environmental principles in its business operations:

- We strive to meet the use of environmentally friendly products and services such as the use of electronic correspondence and use of sustainable supplies; recycled and certified papers, and taking on a wide range of green initiatives into our input costs such as energy use, storage and disposal.
- We incorporate principles of sustainability into each of its business decisions and advocate sustainability initiatives to our clients to promote greener activities and cost savings to our clients.

Sanoma provides sustainable cleaning because we know it is the best solution for our health and for our communities in which we live and work. We also know that having a healthy work and living environment is important, and its care is vital to protecting your most valuable assets: your families and your environment at work. Residential homes gain the benefit of a clean, safe and healthy environment through our cleaning approaches and use of Hepa Systems. Companies with green buildings enjoy the benefits of improved employee health, productivity, and retention.

Green cleaning is one of the most economical ways to make your environment healthier and by promoting our communities green and environmental protection. Our environmentally clean products and methods reduce residential particles and pollutants and building’s environmental footprint.

For our residential solutions, Sanoma’s green cleaning program along with its Hepa solution is an ideal service that will provide continued control of the space you live and breathe, and prevent particles and pollutants from recirculating in your household environment.

For our commercial solutions, Sanoma’s green cleaning program is the ideal customizable solution for compliance with your facility’s particular environmental standard (such as LEED® or BOMA Go Green). We will measure and quantify your company’s green savings benefits and show you exactly how you reduce your environmental impact when you hire Sanoma as your green cleaning company.

We add value to our services by providing a varied network of sustainability resources to our clients business. Sanoma actively contributes our leadership and expertise in green cleaning alternatives through our memberships, affiliations, and sponsorships.